About #empl-oi

#empl-oi is willing to create structured, favorable and mutually beneficial ecosystem for transnational cooperation between three main actors: students, academic staff and companies.

The project fosters for students, further development of entrepreneurial skills and attitudes. The added focus on skills that makes education relevant to the current job market needs will facilitate the employability of recent graduates.

Companies will be chosen to form a link between the academic world and their requirements for potential employees. By this way, it will create a sustainable collaboration that will provide excellent opportunities for students to merge their academic knowledge with the challenges of their work/career path.

The project is based on the LEP scheme (Learning Employability Placements) which was initiated and implemented by European University Foundation – Campus Europae (2009-2014), and enabled students to gain professional experience in addition to their academic studies abroad.

#empl-oi is supported by ERASMUS+, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships (2015-2018).