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Existing gap between universities and labor market

In a context of globalization, it is necessary that students adapt to labor market requirements and needs. Furthermore, businesses can only be competitive if their human capital has received a quality education. Transnational cooperation between universities and actors of the labor market is essential. Indeed, entrepreneurial education is not yet sufficiently integrated into university curricula, so there are skills mismatches, in particular those of transversal and entrepreneurial skills.

Academic coordinators and representatives from the companies are invited to discuss the current mismatches of skills, the relevance of education, the way cooperation could be reinforced, and the feedback of employers used applied in the courses.

Close cooperation with universities

Companies are invited to discuss the importance of adapting the curricula and providing relevant skills and knowledge to prospective graduates of the respective universities. Furthermore, companies provided the opportunity for students to address currently identified challenges (as part of the project work, theses…). While doing the project-based tasks suggested by employers within courses, students are able to tackle these challenges and suggest solutions for the companies. Employers and representatives of organizations contributed with their practical knowledge and know-how and participated in the discussions and activities organized by the universities.

The main challenge is to enhance the cooperation with the academic world and therefore ease the transition from school to work while also benefiting from a European approach within the project. Staff exchanges between universities and businesses allow for experience and knowledge exchange as well as will provide circumstances to acquire transnational perspectives and new cooperation possibilities.

Benefits for enterprises

Employers and academic staff members were required to express their opinion on the communication gap and the way to improve this lack of communication. It was important to connect the labor market to the academic world, in order to allow employers to understand how to communicate and manage new generations (generations Y, Z and C). Thanks to the cooperation of universities, actors from the labor market are more inclined to match specific student skills and talents to jobs.

The company addressed different topic issues and challenges from the market in different way by hosting international students (one local student and one foreign national student), so they could get an international perspective also.

Students are skilled and motivated outsiders. Through the universities’ cooperation, students put into practice their academic knowledge. They are able to contribute to the workflow of the company and propose probable changes and improvements.

By participating in #empl-oi, enterprises increased their visibility thanks to local activities, promotion from website and positive feedback from students.