For students

If you want to:

  • Enhance your professional skills by taking part in part-time placements (locally and abroad) in order to boost your professional skills

  • Gain practical and work relevant experience by participating in interactive entrepreneurial activities together with one international student (part time placements will be done in tandems with a non-mobile students)

  • Improve your knowledge of a new culture and a new language by ensuring a deeper immersion in the host country (culture-wise and language-wise).

Project #empl-oi is for you!

Part-time placements are central and one of the most beneficial activities of the project 

#empl-oi will mainly impact the learning settings (entrepreneurial online course with a focus on social entrepreneurship, lectures by entrepreneurs, part-time placements…). Those parameters are a way for acquiring key competences and increasing the employability of students through broad set of skills (language, transversal and entrepreneurial skills). Eventually, #empl-oi will raise awareness about how to become a social entrepreneur.

Part-time placements

Are you looking for a placement? The #empl-oi project and its business partners have created local hubs all around Europe and converged all possible part-time placements and placements offers in one place! Check out our database and find your placement in one click!

Entrepreneurial activities

#empl-oi enabled the extension of a cooperative structure with business partners in order to ensure more favorable circumstances for students; facilitated productive and targeted university-business cooperation; diversified the offer of entrepreneurial activities within local hubs. Each local hub provided high quality and frequent entrepreneurial activities of various kinds (workshops, presentation, guest lectures, creative tasks and challenges for students, entrepreneurial tasks and specific skill development trainings).

Summer School 2016

The International Summer School in Entrepreneurship – Organization Management Accounting was held from 24th July 2016 to 30th July 2016 in Italy, Naples. This first intensive programme offered by #empl-oi, had the ambition to test a new material developed on social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills (online courses).