Lithuanian Business Confederation


Lithuanian Business Confederation is the largest business organization uniting service, trading and high-tech companies.

We are national committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC*) in Lithuania.

Lithuanian Business Confederation represents:

  • 28 business associations
  • Over 3500 companies

Our members produce around a quarter of Lithuania’s GDP.

Mission – consolidate Lithuanian business and create a competitive economic environment.

Vision – create a business organization that professionally represents companies of service, trade and high tech.

We are social partner who actively supports the dialogue between business and government institutions, seeks to create a favorable business environment and professionally represents the interests of its members.

The Lithuanian Business Confederation is a co-founder of Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration. Arbitration ensures favourable conditions for solving disputes and creates competitive and effective alternative to national courts.


  • We represent the largest trade and service providers in Lithuania.
  • We establish and promote international trade regulations and business codes.
  • We develop a healthy business environment that promotes foreign trade, investment, shrinking large bureaucracies, and updating laws.
  • We search for new markets and business partners by organizing business meetings abroad and accompanying state leaders on official international visits.
  • We establish specialized commissions that give practical advice and help create a competitive business environment.
  • We organize seminars, training programs, and innovation conferences.



Foster a strong partnership between business and state

We support the interests of our members, while working toward creating a business-friendly legal base in Lithuania, the EU, and the world. We submit proposals for amendments to Lithuanian commercial laws. We emphasize the development of foreign trade and investments of all kinds. We work closely with the Lithuanian government and strive to reduce the size of large bureaucratic bodies. Our priority is creating a healthy business environment, which in turn, boosts Lithuania’s economy.

ICC Lithuania appoints representatives to sit on consultative committees, for example: Customs, Investment, and Business Development committees.  The Lithuanian Business Confederation is represented in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy in Lithuania.

Advocate the interests of Lithuanian businesses

The Lithuanian Business Confederation capably advises and consults for national institutions and forms international and national economic policies that benefit businesses.
The Lithuanian Business Confederation actively participates in the economic legislation processes in Lithuania, the EU, and worldwide. It submits its proposals and amendments concerning Lithuanian legislation regarding foreign trade, investment development, governing, decreasing the level of bureaucratic procedures, and other relevant issues, while creating a healthy, thriving business environment.

The Lithuanian Business Confederation is represented in the Committees of Customs, Investment, and Business Conditions Development.  The organization is also represented in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the EU External Economic Relations, the Program for Better Regulation, the Bilateral Inter-governmental Commissions on Economic Cooperation, and other government bodies. 

Bring in business expertise

Member companies and business associates of the Lithuanian Business Confederation help shape the ICC’s stance on any given business issue by participating in commission work in Lithuania and internationally.

These commissions scrutinize international and national government proposals that affect their respective business areas and submit business positions for international organizations and governments.

Business experts help formulate the Lithuanian Business Confederation’s policies in the fields of: Arbitration, Commercial Law and Practice, E-business, IT and Telecoms, Environment and Energy, Business, government and society, Trade, service and investment, Taxes, Transportation and Logistics Commission.  

Organize events, international conferences, seminars, and training programs

The Lithuanian Business Confederation organizes conferences, seminars, and round table discussions, which involve business and government leaders, experts in various fields, and business practitioners. 

Search for foreign business partners

The Lithuanian Business Confederation accompanies national leaders on their official visits abroad when business advice is needed. Such practices function as a way to facilitate cooperation between state and business, while advocating the country’s economic interests. Meetings between the highest state authorities and businesses have a tremendous impact on a business’ success, as these meetings help the business on its marketing strategies and bring relevant economic issues to the attention of the highest government authorities. 

Establish international trading standards

The Lithuanian Business Confederation holds seminars that broadcast ICC rules and regulations and urge business practitioners to focus on essential business resources. Its seminars cover topics that include: international banking, international trade terms and regulations, arbitration, anti-counterfeiting and anti-fraud laws, and commercial contracts.