University of Lodz - Faculty of Economics and Sociology

Economics and Sociology, is the largest of the 12 faculties of the University of Lodz.  This is an exceptional place, where exact sciences combine well with humanities. We teach our students to be leaders with a global perspective. A quick look at our graduates will tell you this: we graduate the best. In recent years, our Faculty has provided the best economic minds of our country. Poland’s former Prime Minister, Professor Marek Belka, the EU Parliament former Vice-President Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, Ministers of Finance, Jaroslaw Bauc and Adam Raczko and many more successful and famous graduates who have studied with us.

The best part of the Faculty is our people - our students, our dedicated staff, and our excellent alumni, who always say proudly that they come from here. It employs 550 people, over 400 of whom are teaching and scientific staff. Almost every fourth of them holds the post-doctoral degree and professorial titles. Research and didactic work is conducted within 43 departments, 41 of them are organized in the 7 institutes. In 2013 the Ministry of Science and Higher Education granted us the A category. Today we educate nearly 8 000 students, which means that 25% of the University of Lodz students study at our Faculty! We offer 21 majors available for all students; full-time, extra-mural, BA as well as MA studies; doctoral and post-graduate degree training.

The Faculty’s staff successfully realizes international grants and research projects, which in turn further the opportunities for the transfer of knowledge and experience. Some of them are financed by the European Union, while others get support from the Polish government. We cooperate with the universities from continents: Europe, Asia, and North and South America. You can see the results of this cooperation in the Faculty’s publications, books, articles and conference materials.

The University, in the recent years, has performed more than 40 research projects within 6th and 7th Framework Programme either as a partner or a coordinator. Opportunities for the student mobility outside the EU include different universities in the Latin America as well as Eastern Europe (together with the Caucasus region), via the partnership within five projects of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2: EMBER, IANUS II, EFFORT, EURICA, PUEDES.
The University of Lodz coordinates exchange programme called Mobility Direct which allows a tuition-free semester for all students at a partner institution anywhere in the world.