#empl-oi Coordination Meeting

The University of Naples hosted the Coordination Meeting of #empl-oi project on April 28th. It was an opportunity for all the members to meet, to plan and to work on upcoming project activities.

During this meeting, the following partners were present: University of Naples, University of Alcalà, Vytautas Magnus University, University of Lodz, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, European University Foundation- Campus Europae and Erasmus Student Network.

Different discussions on the progress of #empl-oi took place. Partners worked on the preparation of the intellectual outputs and organization of the Summer School. They were also working on the learning material for the Summer School (the Open On-line courses), the Guidelines and strategies to strengthen relationships with local hubs.

However, the focus was on the preparation of the Summer School in Naples, which was held from July, 24th to 30th 2016. #empl-oi Summer School hosted students from partners’ universities. The main goal of this first Summer School organized by #empl-oi, was to develop and foster social entrepreneurship skills and mindsets toward online courses.

The presence of the partner-companies during the Summer School – Advantic Systemas y Servicios SL and Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship – was a way of providing close business/university cooperation. Students participated to courses and workshops given by the labor market actors. It was a way of reinforcing the team spirit. Students also had the possibility to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and attitudes. A successful participation at the Summer School was awarded by 3 ECTS.

#empl-oi representatives during the Coordination Meeting hosted by University of Naples.

#empl-oi Coordination Meeting