#empl-oi Dissemination Event

The  International Conference on « Entrepreneurship Skills, Education and Innovation » organized by consortium #empl-oi took place on October 5th, 2017 in Kaunas, Lithuania. The conference was an opportunity for academics and entrepreneurs to meet and to discuss on the « entrepreneurial vision of education ».

The conference was mainly addressed to academics and entrepreneurs and its objective was to raise awareness on the Learning materials established in the frame of project #empl-oi : the Open Online Course on Social Entrepreneurship and the Guidelines.

  • The Open Online Course on Social Entrepreneurship was prepared by academics and entrepreneurs from the #empl-oi partner Institutions. This course consists of 10 modules including a theoretical material related to the concept of social entrepreneurship and « practical » exercices (such as case studies and questionnaires). This course can be considered as a “new learning architecture ” that will foster a borderless education via a free access to lessons due to its digitalization.
  •  The Guidelines: a practical tool supposed to ensure a regular and smooth collaboration between companies and universities. It will propose different instructions to collect in a systematic manner, feedback from labour market actors to be introduced in the curricula. It also argues on the entrepreneurship embedment in education.

Different lectures and workshops were also delivered by academic and company representatives. Detailed information are available in the programme.  Participants were invited to share their experiences and knowledge on new learning methodologies to develop the entrepreneurial attitudes.

This conference was also the opportunity to discuss on the « entrepreneurial vision » of the Higher Education System. In this context, the academic system is pushed to evolve by encouraging the "entrepreneurial academics" to act and to strengthen the relations with businesses and International stakeholders. The role of the University is oriented towards the « experience »  (not only in terms of pedagogy but also in terms of entrepreneurship mindsets) the academics could bring in the educational process ; through the setting of Learning Materials established via project activities. The mission of Higher Education Institutions highlighted toward project #empl-oi activities is  to adapt academic knowledge to labour market requirements in a context of globalization, in order to increase students’ employability.

If you would like to receive further information related #empl-oi Learning Materials, please contact: emploi.project@gmail.com

#empl-oi Dissemination Event