Intensive Programme on Entrepreneurship Skills, Education and Innovation

The Intensive Programme for Teaching staff organized in the frameworks of project #empl-oi Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships, was hosted by the University of Nice – IAE Graduate School of Management from March 26th to April 1st 2017 in Nice.

The Intensive Programme on « Entrepreneurship skills, Education and Innovation » was carried out in the frame of #empl-oi main activities. It was devoted to foster an in-depth cooperation between universities and firms; to raise awareness of entrepreneurial skills and to exchange views on the best practices to broaden the idea of  “entrepreneurial universities”.

This programme consisted in one week conferences delivered by European universities and firms among partners of project #empl-oi. Academics and labor market actors delivered lectures related to social entrepreneurship and innovation. A total of 29 participants representing academics, administratives and labor market actors, attended the conferences and participated to workshops and working sessions.  The main scope of those activities was to express and share practical knowledge and know-how, from both academic and business level,  in order to ensure a systematic cooperation and to collect feedback.

There were 5 universities’ representatives:  University of Alcalà, University of Lodz, University of Naples, Vytautas Magnus University, University of Nice;  2 companies: Lithuanian Business Confederation and FESTO; and 1 network: European University Foundation.

In total 10 conferences were delivered during this Intensive Programme:

  • The Basics of Entrepreneurship” by Mr. Tony Brooking (professor at IAE Graduate School of Management – University of Nice Sophia Antipolis - France)
  • "Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility” by Mr. Bogdan Buczkowski, Mr. Tomasz Dorozynski, Ms. Aneta Kuna Marszalek, Ms. Justyna Przywojska, Ms. Magdalena Kalisiak Medelska, Ms. Agnieska Klysik Uryszek (professors at University of Lodz – Poland)
  • Social Entrepreneurship : which part of the definition should be emphasized ?” by Mr. Tomas Sinica (Project Coordinator at Lithuanian business Confederation – Lithuania)
  • Active Methods for strengthening entrepreneurial competencies” by Mr. Liudas Svipas and Mr. Andrius Pilypaitis (trainers at Centre for Entreprises Practicies – Vytautas Magnus University – Lithuania)
  • Innovation on Higher Education Policy” by Mr. Joao Bacelar (Project Manager at European University Foundation - Luxembourg)
  • Collaborative Entrepreneurship and Lean start-up” by Mr. Jesus Nieto Gonzales (professor at University of Alcalà – Spain)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship” by Mr. Vikrant Janawade (professor at IAE Graduate School of Management – University of Nice Sophia Antipolis - France)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: insights from Italian settings” by Ms. Rosanna Spano and Mr. Luca Ferri (professors at University of Naples – Italy)
  • Dream Staff: essential skills in today’business” by Ms. Aida Kundrotaite and Ms. Dovile Bezubec (respectively Manager consulting and Recruitment officer from FESTO company – Lithuania)
  • Innovation and Change Management in the High Tech Industry” by Mr. Frank Nassiri (former project manager at NVIDIA and current consultant in Philoway Cabinet).

This Intensive Programme was also the opportunity to discuss about the Guidelines (Intellectual Output 2) with involved partners. The preparation of the Guidelines is based on questionnaires adressed to students, academics and entrepreneurs. Those questionnaires are related to social entrepreneurship and have been administered among each university hubs. The Guidelines aim at fostering practical implementation of the feedback and opinions received from labor market actors, in the university setting. The idea is to put into practice the principle of close business-university cooperation.

In addition to the lectures, participants visited and enjoyed French Riviera cities, rich in culture and History.

Intensive Programme on Entrepreneurship Skills, Education and Innovation