For students

If you want to:

  • Enhance your professional skills by taking part in part-time placements (locally and abroad) in order to boost your professional skills

  • Gain practical and work relevant experience by participating in interactive entrepreneurial activities together with one international student (part time placements will be done in tandems with a non-mobile students)

  • Improve your knowledge of a new culture and a new language by ensuring a deeper immersion in the host country (culture-wise and language-wise).

Project #empl-oi is for you!

Part-time placements are central and one of the most beneficial activities of the project 

#empl-oi will mainly impact the learning settings (entrepreneurial online course with a focus on social entrepreneurship, lectures by entrepreneurs, part-time placements…). Those parameters are a way for acquiring key competences and increasing the employability of students through broad set of skills (language, transversal and entrepreneurial skills). Eventually, #empl-oi will raise awareness about how to become a social entrepreneur.

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