Summer School 2016

The International Summer School in Entrepreneurship – Organization Management Accounting was held from 24th July 2016 to 30th July 2016 in Italy, Naples. This first intensive programme offered by #empl-oi, had the ambition to test a new material developed on social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills (online courses). The content development of these online courses (outlined by the University of Lodz) is a way of providing input from the labor market actors (two companies: Advantic Systemas y Servicios SL and Fundacja Rozwoju Przedsiebiorczosci – FRP will organize workshops in addition to courses). Therefore, the principle of close business-university cooperation can be put into effect and the practical perspective in the academic approach can be ensured.

Students were the main beneficiaries of the Summer School. They worked on the material so that educators could analyse the workflow, student reaction, and the overall value of the tasks to improve the material before launching it to a wider target audience. Successful participation was awarded by 3 ECTS.

Summer School advantages:

Students who participates in the Summer School were the initial pilot group to test the new material. The last day of training was devoted to gathering comprehensive qualitative feedback and suggestions for possible improvements. The main final goal of this programme was to improve and acquire new entrepreneurial skills and to get, the students ready for the labor market. By participating in courses, students had the possibility to enhance their entrepreneurial mind-sets as well as their entrepreneurial skills. Students were in a better position to identify their own professional potential and career paths. During the stay, company representatives gave lectures/workshops/trainings/presentations/ solving real-life challenges defined by employers. These representatives provided insights about their experiences and know how. This Summer School was a way of strengthening cooperation with labor market representatives on an international scale.

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