The  International Conference on « Entrepreneurship Skills, Education and Innovation » organized by consortium #empl-oi took place on October 5th, 2017 in Kaunas, Lithuania. The conference was an opportunity for academics and entrepreneurs to meet and to discuss on the « entrepreneurial vision of education ».

Published on 2017-10-10

The #empl-oi International Conference « Entrepreneurship Skills, Education and Innovation »  took place on October 5th in Kaunas (Lithuania) and was hosted by Vytautas Magnus University.

During this event, #empl-oi partners presented a new learning material : The Open Online Course on Social Entrepreneurship. This course was established by both academics and business partners. Participants were also invited to discuss on the Guidelines, a tool that should help to ensure a smooth collaboration between universities and companies.

Published on 2017-09-12

The Intensive Programme for Teaching staff organized in the frameworks of project #empl-oi Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships, was hosted by the University of Nice – IAE Graduate School of Management from March 26th to April 1st 2017 in Nice.

Published on 2017-03-20

On January 31st, 2017 University partners (University of Alcalà, University of Lodz, Vytautas Magnus University, University of Nice) and networks representatives (European University Foundation, Erasmus Student Network) from project #empl-oi attended the Coordination Meeting hosted by University of Alcalà.

Partners engaged discussions on Intellectual Outputs progress and planned the upcoming activities of the project. It was also an occasion to schedule the next #empl-oi Dissemination event in Kaunas – Lithuania on October 5th 2017.

Published on 2017-03-20

The Annual Meeting held from the 14th to 15th November, 2016 in Lodz was hosted by FRP -  Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship and University of Lodz in FRP’s headquarters.

Published on 2016-11-23

The “International Summer School in Entrepreneurship” organized by the #empl-oi project consortium was hosted by the University of Naples, from July 24th to 30th 2016 in Naples.

Published on 2016-09-02

The recruitment process for the Summer School has been completed. We received over than 130 applications. However, the number of placements was limited.

Below is the list of selected students:

Published on 2016-06-01

The University of Naples hosted the Coordination Meeting of #empl-oi project on April 28th. It was an opportunity for all the members to meet, to plan and to work on upcoming project activities.

During this meeting, the following partners were present: University of Naples, University of Alcalà, Vytautas Magnus University, University of Lodz, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, European University Foundation- Campus Europae and Erasmus Student Network.

Published on 2016-05-24