Collaboration structure

An innovative structure of university-business cooperation will be established among the project universities and representatives from the labor market.

Each partner university will be responsible for establishing a Local Hub. It consists on cooperation between a university, students and representatives of the labor market. The Local Hub will provide high quality and frequent entrepreneurial activities in order to reinforce the collaboration (workshops, presentation, guest lectures, creative tasks and challenges for students, entrepreneurial tasks and specific skill development trainings, part time placements)

The aim is to discuss the relevance of education and suggest solutions on how to improve it. The coordinating university will also cooperate with:

  • Local authorities: it is expected that close contacts with the local authorities, will be established and they will inform the rest of the consortium about the feedback received, activities carried out and conclusions made. This information will also be part of the policy recommendations.

  • Staff exchanges between businesses and universities: there will be several mobility activities where representatives of companies will deliver lectures and workshops, where they will share their experience. Academic staff will also be invited to attend partner companies to acquire practical experience abroad.

Within local hubs, an action plan will be set up and it will work on the sustainability planning of the project, including findings ways to attract sponsors or additional funding. A database with all the partners (enterprises, organization…) who are active among local hubs (toward the offer of part time placements for local and international students) will be maintained by EUF-CE as well as promote by other network universities. The selection procedure of part time placements will have guidelines for host organizations so they can ensure the general principles are upheld equally.

The University of Alcalà is the leader of this intellectual output. They will supervise, provide knowledge, transfer and monitor the collaboration structure by collecting feedback from students, academics, and professionals of each Local Hubs.

This innovative structure will promote close, targeted and mutually beneficial collaboration between universities and business, and it is based on a win-win approach.

More on #empl-oi database

The #empl-oi database builds upon the successful outcomes of the #europehome project and the local hubs’ activities undertaken since 2015.

Have you heard about the Collective Awareness Platforms for Quality Internships (CAPQI)? #empl-oi and CAPQI, two European funded projects, complement each other. CAPQI advocates for quality internships and supports students and graduates to transition from education to the labour market. Within the framework of the project and the transparency at work initiative, rating tools have been created to empower the students in evaluating their host organisations and to improve the quality of job opportunities.

Offering a part-time placement is possible for any organisation that would like to join the local hubs network. Please fill in the #empl-oi e-form and wait for a confirmation.

University of Alcalá

University of Alcala de Henares is a university in an ancient city in the middle of Spain, close to Madrid and Barajas airport, with great international atmosphere (about 5000 incoming international students every year), excellent transport systems and high quality facilities.

The University of Alcalá offers degrees in five branches of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, Law and Social Sciences, Sciences, Health Sciences, and Engineering and Architecture. There are  about 29000 students in total, and are offered 36 undergraduate degrees, 46 Masters and 25 PhD programmes.