Open online course

The online course on social entrepreneurship aim to deepen the knowledge of entrepreneurial skills in the context of social entrepreneurship and raise awareness of its role in our society. The course will consist of a theoretical material on the concept of social entrepreneurship. It will also include practical samples of social entrepreneurship activities defined by the project partner universities and partner companies.

There will be three implementation stages in order to prepare courses and to offer them to students:

Stage 1: Project partners will focus on the current practices of incorporating social entrepreneurship aspects within academic curricula and/or extracurricular activities. It will be necessary to analyze current practices and experience acquired until now as well as existing gaps that need to be addressed. Those researches will include an overview of the situation in the project partner universities.

Stage 2: The open online courses will be based on the conclusions of the previous stage. The leader of this output will be the University of Lodz and it will coordinate the general workflow of the activities:

  • Propose the structure of the online course

  • Prepare and finalize content in close cooperation with all partners (they will contribute with their experience and expertise in this field, as well as their vision on how this course should be implemented and made relevant to the labor market needs).

  • Propose any technical solutions needed.

Stage 3: During the Summer School, open online courses will be tested in order to be adjusted and improved according to student feedback. Then, courses will be offered to students during the “pilot phase” (second academic year) of the project led by University of Lodz. Each partner university will coordinate the pilot groups in their respective countries. Feedback questionnaires will be prepared and provided online during and after completing the course in order to finalize them.

The open online course will be made available as an optional course in the spring semester of 2018 and will be offered to the students within and beyond the consortium. The course will be an integral part of the overall entrepreneurship education. It will be provided in French, English, Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish and Italian.

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